Nope, it's been made by the forum software developers, not us.

BUT, if everybody who posts an SD Card deal tags it SD card like we want people to do, then you could find them here:

Actually, there are a lot of offers there. It seems people ARE using tags after all!!

3 characters is the minimum on it, just the way it is See the link in my sig for help on searching (and SD cards is one search which I tell you how to do well)

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Thanks, no problem if it's not your (HUKD) fault.


Try this: ]Searching on HotUKDeals – Helpful hint & tips

Been trying to search for Joe 90 which gives the not enough letters error message. On reading the hints, I now know to search for joe*. (Top guide Emma!! thanks)

How about having a link to the searching hints & tips just below the search button on the main page or can you add a comment to the error message that if searching for three letters to add an asterix....

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