No I don't think it's a good idea.

sorry-dont agree-people find a deal and are good enough to post it for the rest of us.

its then up to members to do a bit of research to find out if the deal is available in their local.these deals should stay on the main page so that people are alerted to them and then can look locally IF they choose to-if they cant do that then they can just ignore it.

And items seem to go in waves through some stores
- there was a post here about a quad core Dell XPS for £199 at Tesco that was store spacific but I got one 3 months later at my local because I had seen the original post and was looking out for it

Surely any "offline" deal seen or purchased by one member is found in one store until they can confirm it is available in others or they receive details (in-store, or in the national press) it is a nationwide deal?

If it is left to the member listing a deal to determine if it is localised (to a limited number of stores) or is more widely available then many deals would be classified incorrectly (& missed by many site users).

I do agree, however, that a majority of the supermarket deals (as well as Currys.digital/PC World) never seem to be available to me. I rarely bother looking for them from past experience of being disappointed.

Other deals (from immediate recall, at HMV & GAME stores) are sometimes due to mispricing items when the products are being "stickered" by the store staff, & such deals often rise to 300-400 degrees of heat before it transpires only one or two individual items (in maybe just one store) are available at this price.

I have proposed previously that some form of "Confirmed by" status could be implemented where members could record the date/time & price of an "offline" deal so that other members could view the quantity of confirmed sightings.


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