Short and sweet

Thanks hmexx!

I agree

HotUKDeals is the AA/RAC emergency service for shoppers

Other breakdown services are available!


Let me see... the Green Flag?

Ah yes, but we are the BEST of the services, like the AA/RAC - much better than Big Bob's Cut-Price Motor Roadside Repair who's slogan is "it'll get you home - but that's it"!!

I like to think of us more as the MI5 though when it comes down to it. We are the secret information finders, the intelligence gatherers. You are the guys who put it all into action though!!

Judging by the recent shenanigans of our intelligence agencies, I would say the MI5 comparison falls short of what HotUKdeals and its contributers provide for us :lol:

I think the intelligence agency of mozambique has far more credibility than the state our one is in at the moment :lol:

I am sure the admin, moderators, and contributers, like yourself duckmagicuk2, DO a faaaaaaaaaaar better job in providing us with correct information :wink:

Keep it up guys!
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