no not at all..there are members on here that have thousands of posts but have never bought or sold off the site, why does that make them anymore trustworthy than me or you ?

dont think 10 posts would help cause they could be random nothing posts just to notch it up!

Nope - theres nothing to stop them spamming in misc to get to 10 posts.

Common sense needs to prevail for any purchase on here, I'd never buy a high priced item for someone with a low post count or no feedback unless they posted first. If other people are happy to take the risk as they think the price is worth it - thats there lookout IMO

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yeah i suppose

Yep i agree some control would be good as i suppose its like the zero feedback members on ebay who just come on to spoil peoples auctions

no not really
so if you were hesitant about buying something of a new member unless they had more than 10 posts, all they would have to do is post 10 random comments and they would still be just as nooby to the site and how it works
your always going to get new members and the changes they bring with any site like this...you can either trust that they are genuine, or completely stay away...
theres no real way of making new members prove their genuine without them completing sales/trades
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