I suspect this will be a big fat NO for all sorts of ethical and legal reasons but hope you get an official response....

Get better odds at local bookies no doubt.


The answer I expect is going to be a resounding no.

Instead you could start a thread to gather interest and then do this via MSN or Hotmail. There are bound to be issues on regulation etc for those who dont trust you or lack faith.

Good luck with your little venture.


greg_68, unfortunately we don't allow this sort of thread on HUKD. There would be legal issues to consider as this is a competition thread with actual prize money being offered to the winner. Also regarding the percentage donated to charity, again that's something that's not allowed as per the ]HUKD Code of Conduct.

* Self promotion of businesses and anyone involved with them, charity … * Self promotion of businesses and anyone involved with them, charity request threads made without prior permission, auction sites, personal sales elsewhere, links to personal websites, requests for referrals, referral links, third party affiliate links, advertising for personal gain and displaying of e-mail address in the forums is spam


strong illegal gambling ITT

Original Poster

Fair enough just thought it would be a bit of fun whilst raising money for charity.

Well i thought it was a good idea mate - but i suppose if it's against the rules of conduct on the site there's not a lot you can do. Still, well tried :thumbsup:

you can always set up your own site to do exactly that then ask the admin/mod if you can put it in a thread here, as that way it will operate off forum
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