It's not your internet. It's missing the id # thing in the URL... (after /item/ it should have some sort of thread ID). Not sure why it's not there... same thing happens for me too.

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so shall I submit again or not??

Yeah, I'd say go ahead. it's probably a one-time glitch or something... you can always use the contact link on the error page to report it.. or PM a mod.


so shall I submit again or not??

Yes, please. The broken one is now gone.

I reported the first one aswell, must be a gremlin.

Ah, are you trying to put IMAGE codes in the OP? That breaks it. No forum code in the OP...

Yes as above, please create the thread without including image tags, which can then be added afterwards.

Sorry that's been happening occasionally, hopefully the developers can fix it soon.

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Yes thnx u!


finally works I posted the extra images in a reply didn't wanna mess it up lol.

Thnx for the help sorry for posting the other feedback thread I couldn't find this one lmao.
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