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PS: i am not bothering subscribing to this thread :thumbsup:

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this problem is still prevalent :x

Homerian - how are you subscribing to the thread?

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using the link in the 'thread tools' section under the op. thats how i have always done it.

Again...as you are the only one with this particular problem, it leads me to believe it is a problem on your end. Otherwise, we'd have tens or hundreds of complaints.

Here's what I suggest - try changing your email to another provider as a test - e.g. set up a free gmail account. Then see if you're getting all the emails you should be.

Also, can you tell me what setting the email subscriptions are at in your userCP please?

Sorry I didn't see this thread before.

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Default Thread Subscription Mode is currently set to 'Do Not Subscribe'
i manually select from thread tools: 'Subscribe to this thread' - 'instant email subscription' if i wish to subscribe to a particular thread
i will change my email addy to a non-hotmail address and see if it makes a difference.

Your settings sound ok... i think. Let me know how you get on with the other email addy.

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finally able to post again (thanks for re-activating my account admin :thumbsup: )
after changing my email addy as suggested and not getting ANY account activation email through.

so there is obviously some fault with the mailing system on this forum as i am distinctly sure sassie has the same problem a couple of weeks back.

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PS: i have now subscribed to this thread as a tester :whistling:
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