Yeah.. search requires at least 4 letters. We encourage people to use tags which should be helpful under these circumstances

There's a guide to searching in my sig sk1 which might help, there's a section specifically about the shortened terms.

Yeah I find that quite irritating too.

i want it to be 2 letters! grrr
[SIZE=2]I think i asked for this (or someone else did) a loooong time ago. If i remember i got told to shove off lol[/SIZE]

What 2 letters are you looking for Gary?

Bt Bt


What 2 letters are you looking for Gary?

maybe jk???

I find this very annoying, there are loads of 3 letter words

As in Emma's guide if searching for say USB I search for USB* but change the search in advanced search to look for it in titles only and not the entire post.
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