Hi John,

I am actually the voucher mod here at HUKD.

Unfortunately the vouchers have do be manually deleted by either myself or one of the other mods.

I generally try to keep an eye on expired ones and remove them when I can. However, it is a rather long process!

The best way to alert us to an expired voucher is by reporting a problem link as this immediately sends an email to all the mods and is more likely to be deleated there and then.

Thanks for your help.

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Good afternoon Fordy, thanks for the prompt reply.

I can appreciate that it has to be a moderator that removes the vouchers so I was just wondering what the best way was to do it. Given the massive amount of vouchers I can fully appreciate it's not something you can really do yourself unless you had waaaaaaaaaaaay too much spare time!

Here are the ones I've found which are expired:

thehut 10% off pumpkin05:

thehut £5 off 30, £10 off 50, banana, orange:

I'll use the problem link in the future - keep up the good work, love checking the site each day to see what useless item I can buy next because it's a good deal


Hi John,

Thanks for the reply.

I actually remember deleating from thehut voucher section here hotukdeals.com/mod…ic= around a month ago as one of their staff asked us to delete them.

Although the original article will still show up in the forum searches.

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Ah right - they still show up if you click vouchers at the top, I'll use the link from the deals section in future since it doesn't show the deleted vouchers.


Can't it just be redesigned so that it auto-deletes 1 week after the printed expiry date?

Or, as a mod, you should be able to produce a mod-only page that ranks the vouchers in date order, and you just delete the ones at the top that have expired!

The problem with that is some of the discount codes don't have an expiry date and show as unknown.

Also, reported as not working doesn't always mean they aren't. It could be user error, such as copy and paste with spaces maybe... So all of us need to check out the discounts codes when they're reported before deleting them.
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