Lol it's happening to me too shibi!

edit: http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j163/sadiebabes/hukdtimes.jpg

Not sure what's happening... sometimes it seems fine...

me too lol

Moved over to feedback as it is a HUKD issue...

It's because the clocks went forward by an hour this morning .............& the little fairy that sorts the HUKD clocks out hasn't realised yet ..

Is it happening on and off?


Is it happening on and off?

Yes, sometimes seems fine, sometimes not. It *might* be the 2nd time you press say for example discussed. 1st time it's fine, 2nd time messed up.....in fact tis, it's alternating from fine, then you press discussed say and it's wrong again
It looks, to me anyways, XP and firefox that's it correct, then an hour gets added, then ok, then an hour added and so on.....

Nope, now i cannot replicate it. Seems fine.....

Yep, happening on and off... What I don't get is, if it was just to do with the clocks going forwards then why does it say: "last post: 53 minutes ago" when the post was started "46 minutes ago"? How can the last post be older? (see screen shot above) and when I took that screen shot the post was only 22 minutes old (I think!!)

edit: IE7, xp

One of the servers probably has the wrong time on it...

Yeah sounds like one of the nodes has the time wrong so if you happen to hit a page generated by that node it screws up.

The reason it gets weird sadiebabes is because of math or something hehe. It's like one hour ahead minus the time the post says 'ago'. I figured it out once but can't remember - something to do with wrong time and then it mis-calculating the time ago.

Ohhh right

Should be simple enough to fix?


Ohhh right :)Should be simple enough to fix?

The time needs changing on the server - it shouldn't be too difficult but last time this happened it didn't want to change. :giggle:

Should be fixed now.


Should be fixed now.

Nope, it's still happening:?

Yea... still happening...

Hmmm ok thanks!

Our server admin just checked and they should all have the correct time now


Our server admin just checked and they should all have the correct time … Our server admin just checked and they should all have the correct time now

Yea, mine seems fine now... thanks Admin! :thumbsup:
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