It's all written for that already tom_rayner, I just haven't turned it on fully yet. Forum reputation is just one small part of overall user reputation.

Hi tom...as we all know the reputation system is open to abuse so i doubt this is a starter....reputation should be earned and not given tit for tat...many members on here have never posted a deal but have earned their reputation by helping others who post asking for assistance or for advice on a purchase.
I see you have 77 posts in your first month of membership...well done.

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i haven't got a clue how it works, didnt know about it until i read the thread about it.

77 posts in your first month of membership...well done

i find this forum brilliant

I"m going to be making some tweaks in the coming week and once I have finished that I'll make a big post explaining it all

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sounds good, ur doing a really good job with this website.
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