don't let it get too you



Only time I vote cold is when the OP bleats on about "If you vote cold give a reason" or "Don't vote cold just because it's not to your taste" then I make a point of voting cold.

It's not as if we get paid for creating hot deals so why is it so important to people why their deals get hot?

dont worry about it mate...if its a good deal it will get past those muppets....complaining makes them worse

Maybe it's because you keep posting jack daniels whisky deals!!!


Maybe it's because you keep posting jack daniels whisky deals!!!

I think that's exactly it.

Post some white lightning deals and prepare to burn X)

(Not that i'm implying this site is full of chavvy ****heads. I'm STATING it as a fact)


Ahh its that time of the hour again, when someone yet again moans about cold voting.

The majority rules - 99% of the time, deals get voted to the temp they deserve.

Deal with it.

If someone moans in a deal about being voted cold i usually help by voting it cold too, just lighten up.

You don't win a prize for being "hot".

and on the other hand, there too many people voting hot for the sake of it too. just look at the cock soup deal, its at 38p, and its always been 38p, no saving, nothing but its over 2600oC cause it says cock. makes a mockery of this site.

Damn all those people who don't take an Internet forum seriously. Let's have them hung, drawn and quartered. Or you could just stop crying just because your deals aren't getting "hot", like it matters, really.

Edit - off to vote hot for cock soup
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