You can use the custom tabs to remove them from your view.

IAgree - am sick of it all!!!!! (and all the 2 for £1 cleaning stuff).

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I browse the site from several different computers, the custom tab is defined in a cookie if I'm not mistaken. This then gets reset if I'm somewhere else.
Tell you what, tonight I'm going to write a script that scans mysupermarket for all the deals, and formulate them to be submitted as deals.. whoop

I had the same opinion about DVD posts.... post after post showing 5 year old films for £3.... not exactly groundbreaking deals... but when the Star Wars box sets come up at £12 it kind of makes it worthwhile sifting through the dross. I'm yet to be convinced that the same can be said for groceries, but I guess if you don't like it, you should vote it down...

I agree with all of you and think the site needs to do something about supermarket deals and so called cheap dvd's as its getting harder and harder to find REAL hot deals as they get pushed down thru the pages so quickly because of members who have nothing better to do than list every £2.99 dvd or cd at hmv or as you said gamma911 every deal in asda.

Very annoying as well that people cant be bothered to use the search function for duplicates before posting as im going to scream if I see muller yogurt , 58p coke in sainsburys or co-op, or £1 special K again arrrggghhhh lol

The site generally needs a tidy up.

13 months since this new site and things have really worked and somethings just haven't. Yet, there seems to be a point blank refusal to help this site evolve and work better for its members.


But they make money on super market deals so why would they make them disappear as default

My sister would love the supermarket deals,but i don't really care whether milk is cheaper in one than the other.

Each to their own,but foodstuff deals change all the time so i'm not really interested AND half the time they aren't in stock when you go anyway.

I'm not too interested in supermarkets 'deals' eg: 2 for £2 on cola etc, mainly coz I dont have time to go to 6 different stores for my groceries each week, just to save a few quid. There are some good offers but definatley not deserving of their own thread individually. One ongoing thread for all supermarket food/cleaning stuff offers would suffice.

I think that there are as many people interested in Groceries Deals as people interseted in Computers or Mobile phone deals...

One shoe doesnt fit all ... :whistling:


I think that there are as many people interested in Groceries Deals as … I think that there are as many people interested in Groceries Deals as people interseted in Computers or Mobile phone deals...One shoe doesnt fit all ... :whistling:

Fair enough if its an outstanding supermarket deal but there are people on here who just seem to list every single supermarket offer, so much so asda for example soon wont need their website as they will be able to rely on this place.....

But 2p off a tin of soup isnt a hotdeal in my opinion, I think people just need to use common sense rather than always posting things that are constantly on offer like cans of coke or muller yogurt

The volume of people who cant even be bothered to check whether someone else has already posted something is also getting beyond a joke ...........

will it be ok for me to vote cold for all grocery deals because as someone else has said 2p off a tin of soup is not for me really a good deal.
I mean you could post hundreds of these everyday just by looking at tesco online and finding items with the odd penny off.
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