Wouldn't you then have to adopt the same rule for Amazon, Play etc etc though ??

It's up to people what they want to post.

I do feel that if someone happens to find a few good deals in one go, it is better to write it up in one post, spending a bit of time on it, and they will probably get more hot votes from that. However, if it is done in that way, people may miss out on some of the deals. Just because one person isn't interested in it, doesn't mean there aren't others who are.

Personally, I wouldn't post a £2 DVD, if most other retailers were selling just above this price, maybe if it was £4-£5 elsewhere, then it would definitely be worth a post.

A good idea if you happen to find a few deals from one retailer and put them in one post. Though to provide a direct link to each of them, means choosing one for the main deal, and as you can't post active links in the 1st post, you then have to post a reply with the other links.

Saying that, when seeing a dvd deal, are we not all checking the comparison site [url]www.find-dvd.co.uk[/url] to ensure it is the best price? and if so i guess a direct link isn't necessary. Especially as we then go through a cashback site anyway.

Am i still talking?
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