You won't see a big difference yourself at the moment. Maybe as you haven't been here too long and made enough posts/replies so far. Keep on clicking though. Have you tried it on a zero temperature rating?

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Yeah, just greys it out. Oh well, suppose I better keep posting!
I nearly caught you up! hahha

Hehe I'm sure you'll find plenty to post and vote on. Please don't forget to use the search facilities before you post though, as duplicates get deleted

Try your vote often, let us know if it still doesn't move anything...

Ray, is the idea to vote on every post?

I tend to look at the majority even if just out of interest/curiousity. However after looking I realise a lot of of no interest to me so do nothing.

I'm only voting on those posts I personally find useful but am not voting "cold" on the others.

Is this right?

That's about right yeah. Vote for all the deals you want too. If you vote a deal cold though, it would be helpful to reply in that thread as to why you think it is a cold deal.

[SIZE=2]Thanks Ray[/SIZE]

You're welcome

Voting keeps the best deals on the front page for longer...

Yeah, I've been only using the "hot" button really! As Ray says, if you feel a deal posted could be improved with more information, feel free to post it and the OP can even integrate it into the original post, improving things all round.

Cold is more if you think the deal is poor. Lack of interest doesn't mean it's a bad deal it just means you don't care
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