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There are some sites that are not allowed when in fact there is nothing wrong with them.

The simplest thing to do would be to start a thread in Misc and ask if other members have used the sites and had a positive experience. If sufficient positive feedback is given then ask the mods/admin if the site can be officially allowed and point them in the direction of the thread. This is sort of what happened with Focal Price.....

such as?

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This is sort of what happened with Focal Price.....

Good advice as always Gari


This … This one:]http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/588661/needing-feedback-from-everyone-abou

There are some non UK sites on here - can't see the problem with this other than it's a freebie rather than a deal...

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Neither can I mate


there are non uk sites already here

is the site you are promoting not a warez site, making it illegal?

edit: i see it links you to itunes but just the main page, seems a bit pointless and not a deal as such more like info


Neither can I mate

The only "problem" I can ever see with these type of sites is their Terms and Conditions should one ever get a problem. I know there have been isolated incidents before regarding this.

Potential customers should make sure they thoroughly read T&C's before placing an order especially one that is bulky or high value.

The above is in general and not about sites highlighted above
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