where would you put 'spend £20.00etc and get a free 4 piece baggage set etc' ??
could never decide so didnt post:thumbsup:

I'll maybe update the help thread to include the words "printable vouchers" too

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You don't think I'll let you off that easily Emma, do you?

Soooo.....to get things straight, you're suggesting buy one get one free deals go in deals but buy one get free deals (which need voucher) go in vouchers? seems a bit inconsistent....

In the spirit of bringing you solutions rather than problems - why not have it - that if you get an item free when buying something else (with or without voucher) this goes in deals? If you get a discount (using a code or voucher) then this goes in vouchers?

That would seem fairly straightforward.


It's not that difficult - if something is an actual voucher, it goes in vouchers. Either an actual code, a printable voucher, or a direct link that activates a discount - these are all "vouchers".

I'm not really seeing where you're coming from Gari.

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Members aren't sure what to post where. Here are some recent examples of voucher deals posted in Deals (not the voucher forum).




If the vouchers are posted in vouchers there is less chance they will be seen and many people will miss out. Whereas if the voucher is posted in Deals (as the above) more people will seen them.

Surely a deal is a deal whether you have to use a voucher or not.........looking at some of the items posted in vouchers, I would have said these were deals.

Regarding the 3 you have linked to:



This code is already in the voucher section. Someone has discovered a glitch, so it is more appropriate in deals.



This is also in deals, as it is not an actual voucher either.



Same with this one.

If someone is posting a deal which uses a voucher - that's a different story - posting is deals is where it should be. E.g. A 32" LCD TV which uses a 10% voucher code to get the price - this is a deal post.

But if you are posting an actual voucher, then the vouchers section is fine.

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