WARM button evens out the temperature...

[SIZE=2]The warm button would obviously tak some of the hot vote off. But that's how it should work. If you don't think the deal is worth a hot vote for being a great deal, then you use one of the others. The warm vote is a vote for thinking the deal is reasonably good.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]As edi says, it does even out the vote and that's why everyone needs to vote on ALL deals. It's always helpful to leave a reason why you click a cold vote though.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]In the end, it's your choice for the deal that counts![/SIZE]

The warm vote is a vote for thinking the deal is reasonably good.

Thats what I've been saying though Ray. If you thing a deal is good then you don't necessarily want the temperature to go down at all, you just don't think it's worthy of a full vote.


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maybe there needs to be 4 levels of hot......a half vote one way or the other and a full vote one way or the other....

When you have a poll it's always best to have an even number of options on "a scale of 1-4" as it stops people from sitting on the fence, they have to sway one way or the other. :lol:

Doh! Ducky the warm vote is still a positive vote, just not as much as the hot. If it goes down it's because it's not as hot a deal to you as it is to everyone else. Your decision is if it's worthy of a hot deal, it gets the full hot vote. If it's not a particularly hot deal, you're not going to vote on it? That's like giving it a negative vote anyway...

I decided not to use "warm" vote for exactly the same reason - it bring overall "temperature" down. So if I think that deal isn't good enough to be "hot" I simply not voting for it.

It currently hinges on 0 degrees, below that it brings it up and above that it brings it down, but only by half the amount cold or hot would do. I can see if we can hinge it at something like 20 degrees instead?

I think that's a good idea and should help everyone to use the warm vote without fear

Yes, sounds like a good idea admin. Let us know when you've changed it please.

I think Admin has now changed the warm vote... if a post is under 20 degrees and you vote warm, it will go up a few, but not as many as your hot vote.

Seems to work ok

Yeah So no excuse to not vote on ALL deals

Whoops sorry thought I had posted in here! It was done within minutes of my last post...
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