Thanks, their is also a PayPal spoof email saying "unauthorised activities have been observed on your account, please verify your details"

Be Warned

Even more important to watch out for these now as banks are saying they won't always pay out when you're scammed.

Thanks for the warning.

Thanks for the info

thanks for the warning

Thanks for this warning mhuk

As with any other suspect e-mail, you know if they are fake as you will NEVER be asked to give out sensitive information like bank details or account passwords.

Hover your mouse pointer over any links in the e-mail. The true URL of the link should then show up at the bottom bar of your e-mail program or mail message window. NEVER click on a suspect link that leads to an account of any kind.

Always use the correct web address of banks or auction sites or any other site containing sensitive information, by typing directly into the browser's address bar. Never go from an e-mail link to input any information

If you do happen to click on a link, no matter how real the site looks, check the web address in the address bar very carefully + if false or suspect, send it on to the appropriate person. For example as Slinks says, for ebay it's [email protected].

And if you forward a spoof email to ebay, they'll let you know it was a spoof and also send info about what to look out for.

thanks for the warning everyone....i'm just getting my pc up and running again and after all the crap from bogus emails so its nice to get prior warning of more

i got one of these aswell
i just put it in spam straight away?

There are some bogus emails going around supposedly collecting for tsunami victims :evil:


There are some bogus emails going around supposedly collecting for … There are some bogus emails going around supposedly collecting for tsunami victims :evil:

Never do any deals with money directly through an e-mail link. Always type in the URL that you know is the correct address for the appropriate webpage.

Scamming + spoofing in general are on the increase. Fast becoming common knowledge + probably most of it in the physical world has been found by researching how to, online.

Had to at the [email protected] co uk address lol

Ebay have started a new thing 'my mesages' to try and stop scamming:

Copied this from ebay homepage:

eBay is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of My Messages, a dedicated message centre within My eBay where users can be 100% certain that the message is from eBay.

1. What is My Messages?

My Messages is an "inbox" in My eBay where you will receive secure, relevant messages directly from eBay. Through My Messages, eBay will keep you updated with useful information about buying, selling, your account and other activities.

By communicating with you in My Messages, eBay will ensure that the messages you receive are not fake emails (spoof), spam, or phishing scams designed to steal your personal information.

In the future, other messages like account alerts, billing invoices, etc. will be sent to your My Messages inbox.

2. Who can send messages to My Messages?

Only eBay can send messages to your My Messages inbox. My Messages is a place where you can be assured that all messages come from eBay and eBay only. No third party can send messages because there is no email address for My Messages.

To begin with other eBay members won't be able to send messages to you through My Messages, although this feature may be included in future enhancements.


always forward your spoof emails to [email protected] before you delete … always forward your spoof emails to [email protected] before you delete them - that way, they can do something about the ones they know about!!

Just thought i'd remind people, as well as [email protected], don't forget to send your spoof Paypal e-mails to [email protected].
I've been doing this for months.

I hope people are getting prosecuted because of us reporting them. They are liars and thiefs. Liars and theifs make baby Jesus cry, and that makes me a saaaad panda.
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