Thanks for the heads up aarste. Will definately take a look at this.

You said you were able to reproduce this somehow? When I took a look at it this morning everything seemed to be showing up fine. Any additional information would be greatly apprechiated

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Here's one small example, I have resized the program window full screen as well:


Bolded text means it's unread, this particular deal (Harry Brown) only went hot 5 minutes ago at the time of writing, but it appears in Yesterday with a timestamp of 22/09/2010 at 4.40pm

I've used the RSS feed for a few months now and I'm pretty sure this wasn't the way it behaved. Almost all new deals that went hot would appear at the top rather than scattered all along the old read news articles.

Hope this helps.

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Are you using a custom feed?

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Yes I am, have been using feed://hotukdeals.com/rss…ste The feed options show it being sorted by Hot

Should I be using something else?

Thanks for the additional information. There is currently an issue with the custom feed, there is someone working on it and a fix should be going out soon.

Ill post in here to let you know when its working good again.

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Seems to be working good from the looks of it, thanks

You beat me to it Thanks for your patience
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