I like this idea, like you say doesn't have to be a lot, maybe a couple of quid voucher for getting something to X amount of heat.

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I like this idea, like you say doesn't have to be a lot, maybe a couple … I like this idea, like you say doesn't have to be a lot, maybe a couple of quid voucher for getting something to X amount of heat.

exactly starr
i know its big business, but sometimes you grab a deal or see others get one, and i always think it'd be nice if the o.p got more than a thanks
i know it could be probably manipulated by a few to try and boost heat,but im sure it would be pretty hard,coz you only get one vote on heat
and if there was a bit of an incentive, ie- vouchers or something, you'd have a lot more people hunting around trying to get them vouchers, therefore boosting the site traffic and hot deals.
like i say, it wouldnt have to be much, but ive grabbed a couple deals lately and feel like the o.p deserves bit more credit
it would boost the site too

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garbage-i know your asking, but im sure i dont need to tell you

while I see the logic of the idea,how would this be decided? simply on degrees of heat? we would then run the possibility of "cliques" voting each others deals hot just to get vouchers.

another problem-what about all the posters such as holly and surgical strike who bring us dozens of free movie screenings every month,saving us mega money-but these get posted in freebies as per rules-so are they to get nothing because it isnt a "deal"?

Im not knocking the theory behind this,but not sure its workable-we have seen some crazy things get mega heat,and some great deals get hardly any-just because someone votes it hot,doesnt mean they bought it does it? so if hukd earned no money from it,how could they reward the op?something with 1000 degrees of heat may be voted hot because its a fantastic deal,but maybe only 3 people actually BOUGHT it?

and unfair cold votes? happens all the time-saw a great dog food deal the other day voted cold because the voter "didnt have a dog"

If you start giving financial reward to people for posting deals (in the hope they might get voted hot) then you might just end up with lots of spam. One of the fundamental principles of Hot Deals is that members share deals because they think its a good deal not because they might earn money from posting deals (this could be viewed as self-promotion).

The easiest way to reward someone for posting a deals is to post a thanks in the thread.

Lets say once your deal has gained at least 1000 heat you then get a little bonus maybe a £5 voucher for Amazon or Zavvi.

1000 degrees heat is 133 people clicking hot so i doubt there is a clique big enough to sway the votes.

Using the search facility i can see that in the last 4 weeks 33 deals have passed the 1000 mark.

£5 x 33 is £165, hardly gonna bust the budget wide open, they could also limit it to 2 prizes per month per member.

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i hear you starr
but i think barky and gari have bust my idea open
but i still agree with a basic principle, maybe like you,
it would never work on a heat basis,coz its too easy to manipulate or as barky says,can be too random.
but if i was a site owner (thats why we're chatting bout this in feedback ) , i'd be looking for evolution. like i say,i admire the owners for jumping in and getting this model, i'd be sitting in a shack with rags on if i wasnt on here so much getting deals,
but if you even look at m.s.e you can see how many people are fishing around for bargains,and half of them dont seem to have even heard of this place
but just from a business model,you can see the possibilities of incentives, it would really drive the place. but maybe that goes against the whole ethos of this site and im taking it for granted (not even counting the barrage of spam)
but i do think thats where it will go in the future, to create traffic, incentives will be the driver

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dont get me wrong,i am not bemoaning the place.just thinking coz i got some great deals lately

The other great way to reward members is that you find a good deal - post it - so that others can benefit. Most of the deals that you post will probably never reach the front page but if even one member takes advantage of it, then it was worth posting.

Or help people out in the deals wanted forum or Misc forum.
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I havent used Rpoints for years, but didnt they operate a similar model, whereby the poster got a %age of the commission earned?


as per titlei know this is a massive site that makes a lot of money,how … as per titlei know this is a massive site that makes a lot of money,how does it make money?

Click-through commission.

The satisfaction of helping others should be enough.

You reward people it will turn into people cold voting, spamming, expiring, reposting deals and posting the most inane crap you could imagine. Would be chaos as previous promotions/giveaways on here have just proved members greed at trying to get something by making multi's etc.

Sorry OP, nice thought but bad idea.
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