Hi duckmagic I already have a contract phone, but i can help you by letting you know what i look for from a contract,

-a free phone is very important!!
a 12 month contract (not 18 months)
about 100 free texts
as many free cross network mins as possable
not to be on the network 3! don't know why just don't like them!
free weekend calls (thats what i have on my phone at the mo free weekend calls to same network and landlines was free for the first 6months then £4.99 a month)

I can't remember exactly how many mins or text i get free at the mo but my line rental is £30 a month, i dont get enough mins though cos my bill is always much much more then £30 thats why when my contract runs out i will be changing to PAYG that way i know exactly how much i spending

I like to have a newish phone phone but none of the accesorys are important (such as mp3, radio) i don't want to be......ashamed of my mobile!! (cheesy i know but that advert is just stuck in my head!)

I tend to call people just as much in the day then at night.

[list]free phone
12 month contract
not too bothered about free minutes, but free texts would be nice
cool looking small phone, not too bothered about mp3, digital camera etc, as I have separate devices that perform these functions better than any hpone could[/list]

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Hi. Thanks for the response. If anyone else will let us know, I'd be very grateful!!

I'm currently searching through lots of small mobile phone companies, and finding a few little gems, but I need to phone the companies to clarify contract lengths before I post them.


I'm also finding lots of offers where the first x number of months are free or reduced, but after that they cost at least £30 for the remainder of the contract. I can give a couple of examples on e2save.com:

>>£1.99 for 6 monts. £46.00 for the other 6 months<<


>>£3.99 for 10 months, and £30 per month for the other two months<<

Personally, I don't think these are brilliant deals, and so I haven't got around to posting them yet. But is it worth it to you?? Let me know what your opinion is on the "going up" phone contract.

I think the most useful thing is to figure out the term cost and then post the term cost and average that back down into a per month cost. The £1.99 for first x months £30 thereafter are nothing but a fancy way of glossing over cost for the companies...because everything is by cashback it makes little difference if you pay .99p a month and then £30 in the last month because really you end up paying £30 every month and then just get the cash back so you might as well just pay £4.99 a month all the way through. Do you know what I mean? So in the end what matters is the final price after all cashback is done with, and I think it's also useful to know what the monthly payment before cashback will be as that makes a difference to some people (you have to have your money out of pocket).

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Thanks for the feedback. I've been going for the obvious ones at the moment. I'll get my pocket calculator out. :wink:

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So, how much are people willing to pay for a term-contract??

I'm going to start posting all of the offers where the term is cheaper than the phone itself if bought sim-free. Any objections?? Well, it's sort of my choice isn't it. I'm wondering what the limit should be on waht I sould post you see, and so I'm doing a lot of research at the moment. We don't want a forum flooded with phone contracts really do we??


I'm going to start posting all of the offers where the term is cheaper … I'm going to start posting all of the offers where the term is cheaper than the phone itself if bought sim-free.

Sounds like a good idea, but I'm sure there'll be a LOT of deals that fit that criteria. Perhaps if you only posted ones where the term cost was significantly less than the sim-free cost of the phone?

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Well, of course Poppy. I'll only select those that are good deals.


I seen this site for your eyes only!!!!

Can please have look



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Thanks, it's quite a good site. The current offers are cheaper than elsewhere at the mo, but there's some very competetive prices there so I'll be keeping an eye on that. I'd just like to say: 3 Contracts Are the BEST!!
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