There has never been one has there?!

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Yep there was definately one with a round up of the best deals of the month and the shananagans of what members have been saying and getting up to.

It was supposed to be a monthly thing but god knows what happened to it.

Hmmm....Sure Admin will pick this one up and come back with the official stance!

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Here it is:


'I hope to make this a regular, useful resource, and so PM me with any posts which you’d like to be mentioned. We’ll hopefully end up with a nice little archive of goings-on!!'

:lol: I'm glad you liked it!! I'd forgotten all about this.

It was me who did it. I thought I'd be able to take it on but the work it took to produce the first copy really was too much to handle. A goot 2/3 hours solid.

hotukdeals.com/ind…724 is you want to see it again.

The reason why I decided to cut it really was this 'suggestions' thread... hardly brim-full with ideas:


If anybody wants it back by popular demand then we could arrange something maybe. I assure you though, the wit I used in the first one was a total fluke... it can never be that funny again. :P

I would also like to point out that now would be the perfect time to bring this back actually (if we can find the time).

With the addition of the "Deal Alerts" section in the last couple of months it would be quite easy for people to go there and choose the option to have the newsletter e-mailed out to them each week/month.

It'd be more work if it was weekly, but I tink it needs to be weekly in order to be a good reflection of the offers and goings-on of that period of time. A month is too big a gap.

I might bring this up with the mods on Monday. I have a plan.

*Don't hold your breath. I'll see what I can do*

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I've just bumped the other thread and left some ideas...can everyone else do the same??

See hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml

Well, I would like to discuss this with the mods on Monday (I'm not here tomorrow). I think the mods could put a draft together, unless some active users such as you (uiaman) would like to put it together and submit it to us for going onto the front page??

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See hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml for comments oh magic duck.

I don't have time to draft it all out but hopefully if other people come up with some ideas then it should come together.

Come on everyone.... DUCKMAGIC needs YOU!

I can see it now..

Everyone vanishes like a Gay magician (with a poof)

If there is interest and people would find it useful I am more than happy to throw all the vast resources in my command at the newsletter. Currently this consists of four monkeys on a treadmill, a keyboard with a juice stain and a half eaten black banana (the monkeys decided they prefer kiwis).

As you can tell it's getting late on a Saturday, which probably means it's a great time to start planning

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Well if you want something to talk about then can we plllleaassseee include the dyson vaccuum cleaner?? It has got to be the funniest post I have ever read, absolute quality.

I agree, wonder how many people fell for that. Your -karma would have gone skyhigh if it hadn't been removed in time....

:lol: I've got an announcement: We've not been working on this. :P

I forgot about it!! I'll get the mods discussing it again. We had loads of ideas then suddenly stopped. :?
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