Chek your PMs, if we remove a deal, a mod usually PMs.

I recall that you posted for a US site, and as we are hotUKdeals, we usually only allow UK based sites.

Oh, and welcome to the forums

Ah someone should have PM'd you, but must have forgotten in the rush of the forum.

The website is based in US and isn't suitable for HotUKDeals forum. Sorry about that...

Welcome to HotUKDeals from me too by the way!

Original Poster

i didnt get a pm

emusic.com is the companies site for the whole world

it checks your ip and sends you to the correct site for your country

visit the site [url]www.emusic.com[/url] and it should send you to the uk site automaticly and give you prices in pounds

I don't know who moved yours cantsraferight, but they would have sent you a PM I'm sure.

I had a deal removed but didn't receive a PM about it, no big deal because I think I know why it was removed, but PMs don't always get sent, with the forum so busy atm it's no surprise really

As Starlet has said, we try to keep people informed with PMs but some may slip through. The mods have PM inbox limit of 1000 (both sent and received) and I'm having to empty mine about once a month!!
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