It's on the right hand side!

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Hm. I see what you mean!

I just opened the site on both Chrome and Opera, and the voucher search field is still there on the right, as it always has been.

But on Firefox it is no longer there. I can also see that Chrome and Opera are yet to be updated with the new skin, whereas Firefox has been.



Edited by: "Immoraliste" 26th Dec 2014

Options to return to a "skin" of your choice:

[ hotukdeals.com/nfe…gle ] (the "New Front End" or "new responsive HUKD pages")

[ hotukdeals.com?tsv=2011-09 ] ("old skin" just prior to it being changed in September 2011)

[ hotukdeals.com?tsv=latest ] or simply [ hotukdeals.com?tsv=0 ] (the "latest" pre-"NFE" design)

For mobile users:

Scroll to the bottom of the mobile site page & click 'Standard', or bookmark the full version of the site:

[ hotukdeals.com/?df…rue ]

Then use one of the options above.

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Excellent - thanks for the info.

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