The forum side of HUKD always existed but many front page members didn't realise all these other elements were there. The update brings these closer together.

You can change your alerts to only receive Deals or Deals/Vouchers/Freebies or really whatever you want. Personally I would recommend using RSS instead.

You can customise these by clicking the Customise link in the top right part of the page.

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Thanks I will do that, but has the basis on which hUKD was founded now changed? Is it primarily to share 'deals' still? These other posts used to be removed/moved - Fs, where can i buy a lead..?

There has always been eight sections to HUKD. Deals/Vouchers/Freebies/Competitions/Requests/FS-FT/Misc/Feedback. Before the update several of these were only accessible by going to the forums area. So for years members have been posting in these areas but many front page visitors did not realise they existed.

The basis of HUKD is still to share deals. All of the sections are about sharing deals and finding deals. Even though something like Misc has off topic stuff it also has a lot of questions and advice for buying.

If you want to see just deals then select the Deals forum in the navigation header and it will only show you items in the Deals forum. Or you can customise whatever you want by setting up Customise preferences and then using the Custom tab.

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Ok thanks - have adjusted things now & look forward to the reduced emails etc!

HUKD has changed for the worst. Its gone to fancy and has based itself on looks rather than functions.
Like Vista to XP it now takes four million more clicks to get or find what you want.

Filtering is just a waste of time now and for people that pop on everyday to check out the new stuff its just harder to look due to all the rubbish thats now appearing.

I think I am going to start or join bring back the old layout club.

Dont change what aint broke!!!!!


Like Vista to XP it now takes four million more clicks to get or find … Like Vista to XP it now takes four million more clicks to get or find what you want.

There's a link in my sig with helpful hints on finding what you want on HUKD.


Dont change what aint broke!!!!!

It was broken. It was crashing all the time and could not stand up to the numbers of people trying to access it.

Hiya, Have to agree with the above. Not happy that my inbox is now full of 'junk' (especially all the WANTED ones!!!)
I've tried adjusting settings to not include forum messages and just deal alerts as sugested by the administrator but to no avail, are people just posting messages as deals???

Admin can you shed any light?

In your custom page, you could do as I do to get "deals" only.
If you used to click “filter” and view all new deals on the old forum, you can do that here too. You just have to customise it. So, from the home page, click “customise your settings” on the right hand side. In the forums list, select “deals” and click the plus symbol. You can also add the vouchers and freebies if you wish, this will show you the same deals as the old forum front page. Or customise it however you want.

Leave all the check boxes at their defaults, excepting perhaps the “temperature threshold” – you could change this to zero. Set your viewing preferences to “new” and click save at the bottom of the page. To view your results, click the “custom” tab at the top. Voila! All new deals in reverse chronological order!

And if you want this emailed, just click the "email" link at the bottom before saving.
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