Was it a deal thread?

Or what forum was it in?

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emma, it was in the main forum for hot deals, and I'm pretty sure it was on the main front page too.

I did hunt for it, just coulnd't find it.

Can you tell me a bit more about it, I don't recall this thread... and can't see that it has been deleted...

When was it started? What was it about?

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If i can recall correctly, it was for a free gift per subscription to What Hi-Fi and Cinema mag.

You got a free set of headphones worth £50 when you signed up via a referral link.

]Here's the referrer.

I don't recall it, and that merchant is not on our merchant list. Perhaps someone else can find it...

EDIT - lol I think cuzzy got it... was from 4 days ago... why i couldn't see it... i was looking at the last 2 days threads

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Was this … Was this it?http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=102912&highlight=hifi

There was me thinking I'd looked hard enough:oops:

Cheers bud!

Your welcome..
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