Discussed tab shows you all posts - new and discussed.

And yes, the custom tab can show you it in whatever format you choose... go in and have a mess round with it.

I think you just want to use the discussed tab if that's what you're after big_anth

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Cheers Admin, but im pretty sure NEW posts (with no comments) dont show in my disscussed tab :s maybes its me ?? hmmm

ill have to keep an eye on it

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my bad, it the disscussed tab does show new (no comments) posts

the NEW tabe confusses me as its sorted differently, thats how i got mixed up, cheers for the responces though....

The discussed tab is like the old forum view - it shows the newest commented thread and a new thread is a "comment". The new is just the newest threads sorted by the time they were started.
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