When one of the mods move an unsuitable/questionable post to a "mod-only" access area, you cannot get to it. However, the cache for the site is a bit slow, and the bit you clicked on the forum index takes a while to update, which is why you could still see the title.

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Thanks Emma, I should have known you would be the first/only mod to reply.

So has the post gone or is it being 'looked' at? If there is a dodgy mobile website I think it should be made public, don't you?

Firstly, it was in the "Hot Deals" section, where it didn't belong. I moved it primarily for this reason. As to making it public, I'd like to let admin decide on that. Please give us a little while.

Thanks for your patience.

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OK & Thanks

Things like "Dodgy mobile site" in the mod bin are usually just spam posts mate... nothing to worry about. We just move them over and discuss them a bit, they usually stay there.

It's not a site I've ever come accross, so I doubt anyone else will.

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Hi ducky, No probs.
Are you still a mod? It used to say something like 'supermod' under your name but not now?

Oh yeah... I've always been called MobileHunter because that's my job, lol. The mods have custom titles, e.g. rayman is "TheModFather" etc. Mine happens to be MobileHunter because that's basically the job I do. The "Super Moderator" was just because we hadn't set up the titles in the new forum yet.

Well spotted though!! :thumbsup:

I'd rather just bin the dodgy/white label/spam sites rather than giving them publicity.
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