this might be to do with your page settings, do this and see if it works:

1, click on Tools top of page
2, internet options
3, delete cookies and delete files you could also clear history if you wanted.
4, go into settings to the right and at the top click every visit to the page then ok
5, click ok and come out
6, come out then refresh the page
7, now try logging in again

This is part of the site design nothing to do with your local browsers settings I think...

When you login the page that loads automatically still contains the boxes to enter your username and password even though you have logged in successfully. If you then looked at the forums and went back to the deals page it would then say welcome back *username*.

I don't think this is a big problem just something that could be a little confusing and admin might be able to iron it out. The important thing is you get the welcome and confirmation page when you log in as a confirmation.


Someone should be sorting this out soon as they can, but Thanks for noting it here

Taken a while for that to be noticed...

The reason is that the front page is static cached when you are not logged in (when you go to hotukdeals.com it checks if you are logged in or not). If you look at the url you are actually looking at a static version that is served to non-logged in visitors. When you login there it redirects back to the page you were at when you logged in and thus serves you the static page again

I agree though that this is a bug, it is just a ways down the priority list right now.

Well if that is what's happening, then the FP is showing deals which are a bit older when you are not logged in...

For example, when I was not logge in earlier, the Narnia post was at the top of the FP. Then when I logged in and looked back, about 8 new topics had reached the Front Page... so there is a bit of a delay or something... ?

Shouldn't be much of a delay. I think it updates every minute.

It's still happening - is this just happening to me? When logged out the Narnia deal is at the top of FP, but when logged in, it's now half way down the second deal page. (Just checked both firefox and IE7 and it's the same)

Can anyone else tell me if it's happeneing to them?

Same here Paul. Top deals are the Narnia and the Concord deal when I log out. Both at home and when I'm elsewhere too.

Got it. Looking into it. Looks like the cache has fallen over.

[SIZE=2]The cache is falling, the cache is falling! [/SIZE]


[SIZE=2]The cache is falling, the cache is falling! [/SIZE]

:giggle: Timberrrrrrr!!

Ok fixed the cache issue!

Working fine now. Just the original issue to sort out sometime then. Thanks

Also the log in box issue [original post] is fixed now.

Thought I would bump this rather than start a new thread as I am having the same problems as the op

I am having real problems logging in lately. I enter my username and password and get the usual message "thank you for logging in fireheaven" etc etc and then it redirects me back to the home page and I am not logged in. It takes several attemtps before I am actually logged in

Very frustrating when I am trying to log in on my mobile
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