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    Hi @ XXXIshaqus , I've just tested on web and app and saved a local deal then checked it was viewable, and it displayed correctly on both web and android app:

    Can you please double-check that you haven't possibly set the filter to exclude local deals too.

    If you are logged in, you should be able to view saved items (including local) on the app or via your profile on the web once you have navigated to saved bookmarks.


    If you are using the app, could you please check that you have the latest version installed, and then try logging out and logging back in. If you are still having issues can you please use the contact link in the app (3 bars top left and navigate to contact) as this will help the app team identify app version / device info and investigate further
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    Thank you for your reply, managed to follow what you recommended but it seems I can only view local deals in London in the saved thread section. I made sure the local deal filter was set to national so I can view all local deals on the app but I can only save and view deals in London for some reason. I don't remember it being like this before. (edited)