It was probably removed because people were starting topic after topic rather than using the ones already there.

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it wasnt a 'bring back HUKD' thread... just asking where else hot deals wer on offer for those of us who need our 'fix' but are still struggling with the site.

thannks for yur reply though....appreciate ur prob under a lot of stress!!

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this one by any … this one by any chancehttp://www.hotukdeals.com/item/125395/best-alternative-site-to-cold-uk-de/all/feedback/discussed/

o cool..it wasnt that but yep that'll do.. admin u can del. this now. thanks !!:)

Got to admit I've lost my way somewhat with the new site and some of the existing posts/comments. Any advice or can you point me in the right direction for suggestions for those who used to be able to a access via their PDA? The new site doesn't seem to display very well at all?

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joined r points.... here is my referral if anyone wants to join...this way i get 5pounds as do u....apparently..or just join on ur own (rpoints.com)

my link: rpoints.com/?ru…466


What grammatical rubbish from the original poster
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