They're not integrated with the forum as yet. There are still updates and fixes to get everything running smoothly, so not sure how long they'll be absent.

Anyway, welcome back to HotUKDeals :-D Pleased it's looking good to you too!

Agree totally, that's how i first got into HUKD, its a shame there not here anymore, but can understand the work involved.
Hopefully oneday they will make a return

They will be making a return. It's one of those things that we didn't get much feedback on when they were live so they were put to low priority so it is good to see the demand there as it encourages us to get it going again. rayman is the man for the scans so he's been having a bit of a holiday there However, I think he enjoys hearing how much his hard work is appreciated though!

Yeah it's good to know they're missed by at least four people lol There was another thread somewhere with a couple of posts in :giggle:

I miss them as well Rayman :shock:

Thanks I know they were useful to quite a few people by the views the ads received ;-)


I miss them too Rayman.

We all do. :-D

Original Poster

Oh so RAYMAN did play a an active role for HUKD......................................only kiddin mate! :-D

The SAT AD Scans were invaluable, Good on you Rayman :thumbsup:

It was like reading the weekend papers for me :giggle:

Not sure why admin & the rest of the mods didn't get much feedback on them?

The reason could be down to the longer loading times for images to download.

BUT i guess this wouldn't be a problem now as most users are on braodband & speeds such as 8Mb/s are becomming common place.

With all changes Positives must be carried forward & SAT AD SCANS was just that.

To the HUKD team: Don't hold back re-introducing this would most certaintly be an ass...........et :lol:

on a more serious note, i am certainly looking forward to its come-back!


Yeah the saturday Ad Scans we're great and a lot of people have commented within other threads about them. Rayman put a lot of wotk into them and it will be great when we're able to get them up and running again

Welcome back Shum1st :-D

Woah, completely forgot about the weekly ad scans!

[SIZE=2]I would love to see them come back! [/SIZE]

Original Poster

cheers millarcat, rayman & others for your warm welcoming-back :thumbsup:

just as i remember it.................the HUKD are a friendly bunch!
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