its not a RULE m8-just a fact of life to save getting ripped-Ive sent first plenty times to high feedback members-that was my choice-if you dont want to do it,then dont,simple as.

50:50 sounds good idea

I don't think it's a "set-in-stone" rule, but it just makes sense if you've got little or no feedback and are selling to someone with good feedback, that you post first.

You can do whatever you like .The safest option is cash in hand if the seller has no feedback but it is all down to how much risk you are willing to take, it makes me laugh when people try to sell a phone for £400 and say it is too risky to post first but dont they think it is risky to give a comple stranger £400,

it is not a rule just an option that is sometimes asked of new members to post 1st to members with a high post count and positive feedback as alot of us have been stung in the past and want to avoid this happening again so it really does make you cautious.

I find it funny when people get offended when asked to post first. Especially when this site/paypal/ and BT don't offer established members any cover.

No ones forcing you to send anything you can pick and choice if you have a couple of people interested talk to them and find out whether you can trust them.

I've asked at least 15 people now to post first with no problems. If you do post first make sure its recorded.

The only thing that would happen if you were stung is the person who stung you with the proof of postage. Would be banned from FS/FT at least.

Who came up with the rule send first then pay later in the FS Section

It's not a rule. Next!



It's not a rule. Next!

As above, all traders should follow the quoted advice below. I personally wouldn't settle for less, perhaps with the exception of it being a trusted member and a low value item.

FS/FT - Trade safe! Follow these guidelines!Please be advised, all buyers … FS/FT - Trade safe! Follow these guidelines!Please be advised, all buyers and sellers should satisfy themselves that either party is genuine by providing and verifying the following via PM to each other and to Admin or a Moderator if they wish to keep a record:[LIST=1][*]Landline telephone number Make a CALL to check out the area code and number are correct too![*]Name and address including postcode[*]Valid e-mail address [no disposable addresses such as @gmail or @yahoo for example].[*]Using PayPal then check out eBay feedback if there is any and make a small payment to and from each other to validate the PayPal e-mail address.[*]If possible, collect and pay for items in person[*]Only buy from Verified PayPal Members if possible.[/LIST]Do NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with all details being correct. It's in your best interest to check out these details yourself.


50:50 sounds good idea

Bad idea if you are sending half that cash to a new member with low feedback, avforums scammer that tries to sell stuff here and keeps getting banned also is a prime example. :whistling:


shouldnt this just b locked now, its not a rule

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