It's just been taken down whilst we confirm the source of the code, as there are certain types of codes which can't be published online such as the you at work codes.

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thanks for reply fordy

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I would like to confirm that I do not work for or have any affiliation to Currys or any other company in their group. The ' 5pcoff ' 5% discount code for home delivered goods was found while I was browsing on other sites.
It certainly was not spam and I'm still disappointed that it was removed and will think twice about sharing saving finds again as I thought was the whole point of the HDUK site.

That's not the reason it was removed raymondo. Currys don't allow us to publish certain codes as they are only intended to be used by certain groups of people.

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I can understand that but this code is freely available on quite a few websites and is for general use

Is it a you at work code? Take a look at the t&c's on it.

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Here's the link, you can check it out yourself.


Oh ok, that's fine then! As long as codes aren't breaking the published t&c's it's fine to post them.

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