Maybe because, same rule for everyone, whoever reports it..etc.
Just guessing.

Moved to feedback.

Whenever you receive an infraction and if you have others that are active, your suspension period will stack as yours did.

I think it also depends who the mod is, I have been warned by the same mod twice for stuff which was pretty lame. One was for once substituting numbers for letters to get round the swear filter on a thread which was for a DVD of men playing with their genitals.

The other one was when someone and I had posted on a thread because the item was carp, nothing rude or defamatory mind, like posters do every day on thousands of threads on hotukdeals which don't get removed but for some reason they were removed so I just made a simple comment about the posts being removed and got a warning, which was I quote, "don't defy the moderators", I think that speaks volumes when you haven't been told not to do anything to make you actually be able to defy them! Ah, brings back memories of my school days! :whistling:

I'll probably get banned now, see you soon! :roll:

Dont get me started on their unjustifyable strictness. I dont think even my bank is so strict too.


The vast majority of infraction recipients think that they've been dealt with unfairly and they didn't deserve it.

The fact is that the majority of infractions are for FS forum breaches. The FS forum is a free to use selling platform, we don't ask for a sign up fee or a final value fee, we just want people to follow the rules to make the forum as fair and safe as possible. If you don't follow those rules, then you can expect to receive an infraction.

Generally speaking regarding the rest of the site, we try to encourage constructive behaviour within deals threads - ie no flaming. Respect the basic code of conduct - ie no circumventing the swear filter, no explicit images, no trolling, fighting or personal attacks...

I could go on, but all this is clearly detailed in the] forum code of conduct.

The moderator team aren't perfect, we're human and we make mistakes. If we get it wrong then we'll rectify the situation as soon as possible so please, if you believe we've made a mistake with an infraction you've received, use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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