If it's a voucher that hasn't been posted before then it's fine but you shouldn't be linking to other voucher sites as that's considered Spam.

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Edit: Thanks for the quick reply!

Ah! so how do I post a voucher which is printable from someone else's site? Sccope is a price comparison app it just gets vouchers off retailers it deals with and sticks them online. I don't think it actually specialises in vouchers.

It's not been posted before but it's not a code voucher, it's like the Pizza express printable ones you get. But for Richersounds so I can't put it on here.
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Self promo/spam is not permitted.

All posts will be reviewed and escalated for possible further action.

Meanwhile please review the terms and conditions agreed at sign up time, including the no spam policy.

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So should I leave out the name when posting? I don't want to self promote the app, just the voucher for the community.


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Craigdixon1981, please just review our no spam/self promo policy.
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