It usually means you are trying to get into a page that has been removed by the mods, but for some reason is still showing on your screen. It should disappear soon.
I'm sure someone will give another, better, explanation soon. :thumbsup:
Welcome to HUKD Shamaus.

I'm sure that it's something to do with verifing/authorising your e-mail or the like - some sort of office work. Someone will tell you soon . It is very late/early on St David's Day but welcome to HukD - not as much of a rhyme as I would like!!:)

As Chesso said, check you email inbox/spam folder. You have to click a link in the email else you can't reply to posts. You can of course start spam posts to your hearts content if you so wish.....:whistling:


It's because you're still awaiting email confirmation- I'll try and get it manually set for you later today so you should be able to post again

Sorry it took a while but your account has now been set to registered and welcome to HotUKDeals by the way.

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:thumbsup: Thanks for the help everyone.
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