grrrrrrrreat idea - heres the but though - as hotdeals is in some way reliant on us the users to moniter to a certain extent i dont think admin would or could oversee an auction side - whod hold responsibility ? - i know we are all adults on here and a really great bunch of people but now and again it seems we do get a scammer on and the most admin can do is bann - no comeback

brill idea though

Yes great idea if it could be done ? I for one have lots of new things to auction/sell (all the box's are driving my OH mad .. ) ... as like most people I am fed up of Ebay !!

I think someone suggested this a while ago.

It would certainly be a good idea especially if it didn't use $ay$al :thumbsup:

You have my vote


that would be great

Yeah great idea but one of the 1st rules should be not to make a profit on postage which is one of the main reasons i hate ebay as the postage issue has got out of control IMO.

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how about if we, the members made & moderated HOTUKauctions.com??? I kno from the other thread that others would help create this?

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