Was it a Marketplace seller or Amazon direct?
Are you sure it was not duplicate?

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Ah ok, it was an Amazon marketplace seller, but still it was a good deal I thought, it wasnt a dupe, it was cheaper than any other on here when i searched. I've just bought it myself and thought it was a v good price so i came and posted here.

Marketplace sellers are not allowed or else you will start seeing spam floods.


I've just PMd you, I removed it due to it being a Marketplace deal.

Yeah, we don't allow Amazon Marketplace deals as they could be sold by anyone, and could have very limited stock (I've noticed that especially with second hand booksellers for example, they often only have one or two of a certain item). Essentially, it's like buying from an eBay shop, which we don't allow either.

Edit: Like J_B says. :-D

Edit: like J_B and Dugckimagicuk2 says. :-D

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OK, thanks for the reply, sorry to be in breach of the rules, i understand how it is like ebay in a way, but then alot of businesses do use it and there are some good prices. wont happen again!
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