If you're sorting by New then you are seeing the newest submitted threads..the date you are probably looking at is last posted...a thread from 2 hours ago may have a last post 1 minute ago but a thread from 30 minutes ago may have a last post from 10 minutes ago.

From the sounds of it you probably want to view by the discussed tab as this shows you the most recently commented threads.

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All i am trying to find is the most recent deal or forsale item .
Why are you persevering with an updated site that 95% of people dont want .
You are losing members by the hour by the looks of it -not many are impressed -if you carry on there will only be admin left !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not rocket science:

New tab = Newest deals (i.e. in order of when the thread was started, like the old home page)
Discussed tab = Latest posted in threads (like the old forums)

The way you have it is the newest deals. If you click "discussed" you'll bet the latest comments?

I can see this 'new' and 'discussed' tab can have it's advantages, but it just seems to confuse everybody as there is no, or little explanation of how it works.

I now know how the tabs work, and it's still confusing the hell out of me while browsing the site.

I'm all for greater control, but it does seem this has been implemented with little or no user testing.

Also, the way I view the site is deals as 'new' and then forum as 'discussed'. The problem is you have to keep changing the setting (at least I assume you do) can it not remember your settings ?

And I have deals as 'full details' and forum as 'text only' which again you have to keep changing. I think it's things like this that are really putting people off.

I know you have the custome tab, but I would need 3 or 4 custom tabs, and that would just become too much as well.

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I have DONE THAT !
Getting some deals and comments posted 3 mins ago and under that 2 weeks ago -same in all categories.
Had enough of this pathetic attempt of updating a site no-one wanted updating and is now worse than useless .
Can't even see whose online anymore like you could at the bottom of the old site !!!
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