There are questions over the legitmacy of the site... for example, it's using a yahoo email address for contact purposes. We usually check all deal posts out, and remove them if something doesn't seem right.

There are a few helpful links in my sig, which you may be interested in

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(Plus - it's a non-UK site, which we generally do not allow except for certain pre approved sites, as we are Hot UK Deals)

A site called jasper1675.com selling anything should be avoided - if in doubt ask members on here
Starting a thread is no hassle compared to losing your money

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Thanks very much for your help guys. Much appreciated

this is the site selling xbox 360 live subs isnt it? a few members said that the site was ok


Emmajk42 I’m not sure if you are the owner, moderator, but you only seem to respond to posts. Your comments about only offering email as a form of contact are fair, but that far from means a site is not legit. I place this challenge to you get the contact number for google. google has no phone support well maybe they do if you buys millions in advertising, but for the average consumer they have none, I challenge any Hotukdeals user to produce one contact number for google, they are the most successful web company in history.

If you are the owner you are responsible for the content of this message board, also I have reported the post to the site administrator and reported the post. I’m asking you nicely to remove this thread every thread saying good stuff about my site gets removed so please pull all threads about this site per policy. I’m not asking to place ads here and I never have, I’m asking that untrue comments posted about me be removed.

There's never a guarantee that we'll allow deals from any company- if all the boxes don't get ticked then they aren't allowed on, no matter who they are. Non-UK sites are always a big no-no for us too.

Don't take it personally. If you follow the correct channels and start submitting deals via contact us, perhaps we can have a look at your site again. There's no promises that we'll post any of it, but it's worth a try.

I'm closing this thread now as the OP has had their question answered and acknowledged the reply.

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