Are you using 'advanced'? If not then thats what you need to do, you can search in FS/FT only if you wanted.


ReflexReact, if you look at the right hand column on your quick search results you will see the various forums listed. The default forum view is 'Deals' but you only need to click the required forum to view the search results for there.

You actually have 3 view options filters :

Narrow by Date:
* All
* Last Week
* Last Month
* Last Year

Narrow by Forum:
* All
* Deals
* Vouchers
* Freebies
* Competitions
* Deal Requests
* For Sale / Trade
* Misc
* Feedback
* The Bin & Mod Couch
* Spam

Narrow by Topic:
* All
* Clothing
* Computers
* Electricals
* Entertainment
* Finance
* General Deals
* Groceries
* Home
* Kids
* Mobiles
* Nonsense
* Travel

Just select the ones that apply to your quick search criteria & your results will be filtered automatically


I only want to search misc all the time, who cares about the deals? :lol:
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