Comps are all in the comp section. It seems you are browsing by all rather than deals. You need to swipe right to just show the deal section

Sheesh. 6 years and they still don't know how it works. oO

Some of us like to help others(or be helped) with questions, ideas, topics etc , so it s interesting browsing "All" . However you are then swamped with Competitions especially on the "Hot Pages " I do get it -Voting Hot (vote box goes blank ) reminds you you've entered . Surely the same result would be achieved by voting cold . Maybe Compies would like to consider that ? Equally ,surely it would not be beyond the website team , to change the" vote" buttons for an "entered" button in the competition section to avoid the ridiculous spectacle of "Dickinsons real deal" regularly taking up space in the "Deal of the Day" email .
Not even the most ardent "Compie" would claim that a competition is a "Deal", please sort it HUKD.


"Compies" as you call them aren't some kind of second-class citizen and … "Compies" as you call them aren't some kind of second-class citizen and they shouldn't be asked to vote competitions they consider to be hot competitions cold to appease people who're too lazy to work out how to browse the site to suit their own personal preferences or prejudices.

What makes a competition "Hot " ? The prize -or the chance of winning ? Surely by voting it hot it draws attention to it -Thus decreasing the chances of winning

I don't understand how a "Win" thread is a good deal or can even get hot.. Time to sort it out hotUKdeals..


You guys can also make a custom feed including / excluding forums. You then get to see everything you want to see and exclude everything you don't want to see.

We are currently reviewing the placement of comps within HUKD, we'll hopefully have an update there over the Summer.

You need to swipe accross so you're just looking at the deals section.
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