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On the same topic, what I think would be good is if we could have a "current" option in links.

I'll show you an example...

If i was to link someone to HUKD's mobile phone deals then I would usually link them to the deals sorted by "new" deals, so the link would look like this:

But existing members may prefer to browse in "discussed" rather than "new", and clicking my link would mean that they're now browsing HUKD in "new" mode, when they haven't even selected it.

Maybe it would be handy if you could add "current" into any of the tabs, so that people can keep that tab as it is. So, my new mobile link might look like this:

I don't know if it's technologically possible, but if the site saw "current" then it would replace it with the person's current settings, which I guess is stored in a cookie or similar.

It would also mean that if I was to link to Woolworths deals, then I could have:

This would show Woolworths deals in the users' currently selected category, and currently selected order of sorting.

Just an idea. Probably wouldn't be used by most people, although I'm sure you could see the advantage.

Another one on the same note hwich I could throw into the discussion mix is that after a search the sort order seems to reset to "hot", rather than "discussed" (which I usually have selected).

I'd noticed this before, doesn't really bother me much but it's an issue.

A couple of the things that ducky mentions do bug me though, like reverting to hot when I don't want it to.


I agree with OP get a bit confused as I have to double take that I'm in the right forum
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