yes where are the mods
this has benn like it for over 8 hours

Unexpired now


Several requests for help ignored... :-(

You could PM a Mod ;-)

It could have been 'expired' by mistake and maybe the Mods didn't see your posts asking for it to be un-expired.
You could always PM a Mod or use the 'Contact us' link at the bottom of every page and ask them to 'sort it'.

its non expired now


yes where are the mods this has benn like it for over 8 hours

We will act if its brought to our attention. Just noticed hellodave's post & unexpired the deal immediately.

Its impossible for us to go through every single comment posted in threads.

Original Poster Banned



click the warning thats the best way that way all mods get the message/


Yes that is the best way to notify a mod about a thread Antj87.

An OP cannot 'report' his own OP, he does not have that option.

but he can report the one under it and just say the op is wrongly expired

i doubt there will be an expired deal without any posts and if there is its probly because the deal isnt a deal!

Sorry i didn't get the chance to respond to your PM about it Dave. I happened to be immersed in 37 degree water in a thermal spa in Budapest!! :-D
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