I think the mods will a have a reason

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I think the mods will a have a reason

I've only just joined and haven't done anything yet, it's just not working.

Same thing happening to me, I get PMs but cannot even reply.
people will think I'm unfriendly.

U have to have 10 comments posted i think

I have the same problem...

I have the same problem and have been on this site for years?


I have this problem, posted loads of deals people comment yet I can't reply! At least tell us why!

Someone messaged me asking about a comment I made (I bought a TV he wanted to know something about said TV) and I can't reply to him!

Confirmed, you have to have posted 10 comments or more to be able to send/reply to PMs

well this will be my first comment so just 9 to go!

jellybaby22, I checked your settings and it shows that you have "Receive Emails From Administrators Only", this needs to be unchecked for you to get PM's from all users.
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