yep had that one before a couple of times then got suspended for a couple of days.

First post ?

If you are about to enter the contents of a PM then this will be a short stay for you. :thumbsup:

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I'm using my friends account as my own account is banned, so please don't ban her too!

I listed ]this thread in the 'for sale' section, and once it seemed that no one was interested in any of the other items, I listed the same products for sale on another forum.

I wasn't aware that it was against forum policy, which is fair enough, but I'm a little dissapointed that a little common sense isn't applied to these sort of rules.

Both my thread and account have been locked. I've been a big user of this site, and have 100% positive feedback, always ensure I get the products sent out the next day first class, and are in top condition, so why should a user such as myself get banned?

The only thing it achieves is that the people in that thread, who have payed me £28 and £57 respectively, now have absolutely no way of getting in touch with me.

Please, please, explain why you think it's a good idea to ban people in such a way? If you'd just PayPal'd a stranger on the internet £57, and then their account got suspended, what would you think? It wouldn't be positive, I'll tell you that much. You'd be thinking "Who have I given my money to?" and worry about whether or not you're going to receive your goods.

It just doens't seem fair to me, not just on myself for doing something fairly harmless (listing items on another forum after my one stopped getting any interest) but most importantly on those people who have PayPal'd me that money in good faith, and now have absolutely no way to get in touch with me or ask any questions.

lol i got this on my very first post..
advertised something i had on playtrade..
the site can be very confusing for newcomers

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Syzable, I wouldn't enter any comments of a pm, I think this is a fantastic site, but I'm just a little dissapointed with how this has been dealt with. Where do you draw the line on this? Are you trying to say that if something didn't sell on here today, that if someone went and listed that item on Ebay due to a lack of interest that they'd get an instant ban too, no questions ask?

I'm just failing to see the logic, sorry.

I'm a bit confused,have you got the items listed on Ebay NOW OP

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Oops, that above post doesn't make an awful lot of sense since my 'proper' post is being moderated, sorry.

I'll wait until that's accepted or rejected, I know I probably sound like I'm just kicking up a fuss for nothing but I love this site and just want a bit of a good debate about this situation, cheers.

I'm not drawing the line anywhere....it's not upto me. lol ....i was just trying to prevent you posting a PM if you were going to as the mods frown heavily upon it and it wouldn't be worth getting suspended over.

As for listing on eBay after here that's fine and vice versa..........it's when they are both listed at the same time.

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Ah, that's fair enough, but no it didn't include any information from the PM, although there wasn't anythnig particularly sensitive in there anyway.

It's really hard to say an awful lot without my main post coming through

The way i read it,is that Ebay was mentioned,not that the items were listed on Ebay AND here as well.

Did i get that wrong OP,have you got them listed simultaneously ?

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Okay, probably best to explain this, since I don't know when my overly long rant will be posted

I put that thread up on Tuesday, a couple of people showed interest yesterday and promptly payed, I nicely packaged up the items and sent them first class this morning, tidy.

No one else seemed interested after that, so I posted on another well known 'for sale' forum, then I got banned for here, and my thread was locked.

I just don't like the way seemingly no common sense was applied, I'm not a bad seller, I didn't do anything underhand, and now those people who have payed £57 and £28 respectively to a complete stranger will be looking at it and thinking "Who have I given my money to" and wondering why I've got suspended, worried if they're going to get their item, and not being able to contact me because I'm banned.

It just doesn't seem right, that's all.

Ah,i see.

did you expire the thread before selling elsewhere?

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Yeah, sorry I'm ranting again, I just feel bad for those people more than anything

They'll get their games tomorrow so it's less of a deal for now, but I know that if I personally paid a stranger £58 and the day later he got banned, I'd be a bit worried.

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No I never hunter, sorry... wasn't really aware you could expire these threads in the same way you can deals

dont apologise lol, well take it as a lesson learnt - if you decide to list items elsewhere pop a note on the listing saying you have removed them from sale & click on expired

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Will do, I certainly won't do it in future! I feel kinda bad for creating this thread, but I'm still just... I dunno, I just think locking the thread with a polite reason, and then firing a warning is a better course of action.

Perhaps a better question would be... what's the problem if the items are for sale on other sites? It must take so much monitoring and regulating to find out who's selling stuff at different places.

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That wasn't me having a go by the way ^

Just genuinely curious why it's frowned upon to sell something on different sites

Its the rules hun nothing we can do to change them, if you wish to sell here you must abide by them

The problem with selling elsewhere at the same time means it's wide open to abuse........people could sell the same thing countless times.

Although if someone is going to scam they'll do it regardless these rules just allow a bit more protection from such things.

I think the best course of action is to use the Contact Us at the bottom of the page and it will go directly to the team for review

I have a lot of feedback and experience on the FS forum and am always happy to help if anyone is unsure. Just a pm away.

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Fair point I guess, although like you said, it's really not going to stop or effect people who want to abuse the system, it's only going to stop the people like myself casually wanting to sell their stuff

I do feel bad for creating this thread now though, definitely. Sorry guys (and gals!) and thanks for your help though, appreciate it

Multiple IDs are a serious breach of the forum rules. If you have an issue with infractions please use the contact us link.


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