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    Hi @AnkerMan
    We don't allow deals to be deleted because they have been voted cold. Do you have a specific deal which you are referring to please?
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    I don't have link because my comment vanished when it was removed. It was for Nintendo Switch Zelda Preorder at Argos. If it was deleted for other reasons, then my mistake but it's not first time I see this happening and was little concerned.
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    I think some people take it personally if a deal goes cold.

    I post if I think something is a good deal, if someone votes cold then that's their opinion, but I leave it up there in case someone thinks it is a good deal and goes for it, done my bit.
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    I've been here far too long In that time I've seen good deals get voted cold, bad deals get voted hot, and average deals go either way. To be fair, the point of hotukdeals is to try and get a 'hot' deal, so it can be a bit demoralizing to see something you've taken the time to source and post here get the cold treatment. That being said, as above, we never delete a deal because it's been voted cold.