Cheap Contact Lenses - Don’t pay more than you need to

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Tired of overpaying for contact lenses? Taking care of your eyes is so important, but it doesn't need to cost a small fortune! If, like me, you regularly wear contact lenses, then you know they can be expensive, however you could save a significant amount of money by buying cheaper contact lenses online, plus, you get them delivered directly to your door with very little fuss.

Own Brand Contact Lenses vs Manufacturers Brands

Contact lenses are made by a small selection of manufacturers in the UK. However, many high street opticians like Boots and Specsavers sell manufacturers lenses under their own brand labels  - the only difference is the packaging and a tidy mark-up.

Asking yourself can I get cheaper contact lenses? You could easily save money simply by switching from own-brand, to buying manufacturers' brands online.

Lenstore has a really useful guide detailing the manufacturer’s / generic name for your contacts.

daysoft also has a similar list of recommended switches to replace your current brand, with their own brand. Daysoft is the first and only integrated ‘design, make and supply-direct’ contact lens company in the world, it’s based in Great Britain and has excellent reviews on Trustpilot. A great option for buying cheap daily disposable lenses online.


Daily Disposables vs Monthly Contact Lenses

Should I buy daily or monthly contact lenses is one of the key decisions you need to make when buying lenses online. 

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses are designed to be used once and then thrown away as soon as you take them out. They offer great flexibility, especially if you like to mix it up between wearing prescription glasses some days, and not others. 

Monthly contact lenses are a bit thicker, and more durable. They can be worn daily for around 30 days, after this you’ll need to use a new pair.  Monthlies need to be removed each day, and then cleaned / stored overnight in a contact lens solution. 

No matter what you choose, there are plenty of cheap daily disposable contact lenses and cheap monthly contact lens options in the UK for everyone. 

My verdict: I initially started off using monthly contact lenses, and while these were great, I soon made the switch to cheaper daily disposable lenses and here’s why:

  • Convenience

    No cleaning, storing away, or need for solution, you simply take them out of their sterile packaging, use them and throw them away at the end of the day.

  • Comfort

    I never got the full 30 days of use from monthlies, after a few weeks I would feel like they irritated, and dried my eyes out.  Dailies are typically made with a thinner material, so may be a better option for anyone with dry eyes.

  • Clumsiness

    Anyone else have the tendency to tear or lose their contact lenses? It only happens occasionally, but if you do this to a monthly lens you need to re-open a whole new month's supply. With dailies you get a fresh pair of lenses each day. So ripping one isn’t really a big deal!

  • Cost

    Initially this is what put me off buying daily disposable lenses, everyone I spoke to said monthly lenses are always cheaper!  However, over 10 years ago I discovered daysoft online and made the switch to daysoft SILK contact lenses. Not only did I upgrade from monthly disposables, to daily disposables I also saved money in the process as these ended up being cheaper than my high street opticians monthly lenses.

Look after your eyes with regular eye tests

An eye test is about so much more than just detecting changes in your vision. It’s also about protecting your eye health, and ultimately, your long-term vision.

If you wear contact lenses it’s even more important to make sure you get regular eye tests, and you will need an up to date prescription to order your contacts lenses online.

Find out if you are entitled to a Free Eye Test in our guide here  

When booking your eye test online make sure to mention that you wear, or intend to wear contact lenses, you don’t need to tell them that you are thinking of buying them online! Eye examinations for contact lenses include some additional tests and measurements that are not included in routine eye tests for glasses. You may need some extra time for your optician to perform everything required for a contact lens fitting or prescription update.

Some opticians like Boots, and Specsavers offer free contact lens trials with no subscription, or commitment to buy. If you have never used contact lenses before this is a great way to try them out for free.

You are entitled to a copy of your prescription

Legally, your optician must provide you with a copy of your contact lens prescription after your eye test.

They may recommend a brand of lenses to you, or give you a free trial, however you are under no obligation to purchase lenses from them.  You can use your new contact lens prescription to shop around, or buy cheaper contact lenses from an online retailer to save money. The choice is yours!

You cannot order contacts online without a valid prescription.

Are glasses prescriptions and contact lens prescriptions the same?

A glasses prescription can be slightly different to a contact lens prescription. If you used your glasses prescription for your contact lenses, it would likely be too weak. 

Glasses are positioned away from your eyes by around 1-2cm, whereas contact lenses sit on top of the cornea (the clear outer layer of the eye), that’s enough space to create a difference in prescription strength. During an eye test, your optician will test your eyes differently based on this, and also make some additional measurements.

If you want to wear contact lenses to correct your eyesight, you need a contact lens prescription.

Where to buy cheap contact lenses online

Want to know the cheapest place to buy contact lenses online? Choosing the right contact lenses for you will depend on your specific needs, lifestyle and prescription, and so prices vary. Check your prescription and have a look around at some of the online contact lens suppliers below to find the best price for your lenses.

Make use of discount codes and promotional offers

Our hotukdeals community members are always on the lookout for a bargain, and love to share their extensive knowledge with others so we can all save money.  

If you want to find a contact lens deal, look out for discount codes and contact lens offers  posted on our forum to help you decide which retailer to buy from.

Earn money as you shop, use a cashback site

Earn money as you shop by using cashback sites like Quidco or TopCashback  to save extra cash on some of the online contact lens retailers.

While cashback is never a guaranteed payment, it’s a nice bonus and soon adds up, so a great way to make buying contact lenses online even cheaper!

You can check out our guide to cashback sites here  for more detailed information on how you can save money shopping online.

How to remove a contact lens that is stuck in your eye

First off, let me just say I have been assured by my optician that you cannot get a contact lens stuck behind your eye! If, like me, you’ve experienced the feeling of getting a contact lens dislodged in your eye, you will know this fear all too well. 

When a lens feels stuck, it may be too dry to remove easily, or it could have shifted under the eyelid.

If your eye feels irritated, or dry after removing your contact lens, lubricate it with sterile saline or some of your regular eye drops. I would avoid wearing contact lenses for a few hours, or even better still, take a day off from wearing them.

If your eye remains irritated, you may want to consult your optician for some advice.

Are cheaper contact lenses safe?

Buying discount contact lenses from reputable retailers online is safe. Complications are more likely to occur if you wear your contact lenses too long, don't care for them, neglect to clean your lenses properly, or fail to replace them as recommended by your optician.

Are there any safety standards for contact lenses?

What should I do if I tear my contact lens?

Can I re-use my contact lens?

Can I sleep with my contact lenses in?

What should I do if I am experiencing problems with my eyes?

Can I get contact lenses on the NHS?